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The installation distance of street lamps of various specifications is appropriate

Release time: 2020-06-11 07:18:08    View: 1084

How much is the installation distance of each specification of street lamp of 4m, 6m, 8m and 12m? Because there is no specific requirement, many people will feel helpless when facing this problem. There are many factors that affect the installation distance of street lamp. Obviously, one of the important determinants is the product parameters of street lamp, and the installation distance is also affected by other factors such as road conditions Impact. Street lamps can be divided into 4m, 6m, 8m and 12m street lamps according to the height of the pole. The requirements for installation distance of street lamps of different heights are also different. Next, we classify the installation distance according to the product parameters of street lamp and the height of lamp pole.

Installation distance of 4m street lamp

For the street lamp with a height of about 4m, most of the places where the street lamp is installed are community roads. It is suggested that the layout distance of each street lamp should be about 8m-12m. Because if the street lamp is too far away, it will exceed the lighting range of two lamps, and those gaps that cannot receive lighting will appear dark. In addition, if the distance between street lamps is too close, it will not only increase the demand for street lamps, but also cause a waste of lighting.

Installation distance of 6m street lamp

The street lamps with a height of about 6m are generally rural roads, especially the new rural construction roads with a width of about 5m. Generally speaking, the traffic flow on rural roads is not large, so we generally adopt the method of unilateral interactive light distribution for installation. It is suggested that the spacing of street lights should be about 15-20 meters, not less than 15 meters. And for some corners should be installed with a street lamp to avoid lighting dead angle.

Installation distance of 8m street lamp

According to the requirements of the national standard "technical conditions for road lighting", if the height of the street lamp pole you want to install is 8m, in this case, the distance between the street lamps is 25-30m, and the lamps are installed in staggered way on both sides of the road. When the width of the road lighting is required to be 10-15m, it is recommended to install the street lights in the way of cross light distribution on both sides.

12m street lamp installation distance

According to the installation experience provided by the street lamp manufacturer, if the road is more than 15m, it is recommended to use symmetrical light distribution on both sides, and the longitudinal spacing of 12m street lamps is generally recommended to be 30-50m. Like 60W split solar street lamp is a good choice, and 30W integrated street lamp is recommended to be 30 meters away.

The above installation distance of 4m, 6m, 8m and 12m street lamps is for reference only, and the specific needs can be consulted with Huari lighting engineer.