The company's products mainly include a variety of lighting fixtures, poles, landscape lights, tunnel lights and other series


Jiangsu Huari lighting equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the production of road lighting equipment. Its products mainly include various lighting lamps, lampposts, medium and high lampposts, landscape lamps, courtyard lamps, lawn lamps, tunnel lamps and other series, with a total of hundreds of varieties.
  • ISO9001, CCC, CE, ROHS, CQC
  • Grade I qualification for professional contracting of urban road lighting engineering
  • Grade II professional contracting of highway traffic engineering
  • Grade III qualification for professional contracting of mechanical and electrical equipment engineering
  • Top 10 brands of road lighting lamps in China
  • Philips Lighting agent
  • 10+
    Advanced equipment
  • 20+
    20 years of experience
  • 100+
    Product variety
  • 500+


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